Our candidates need committed volunteers to help them reach thousands of voters in their communities. Volunteers reach out to voters via phone, text, or door-to-door canvassing. Because awareness of state elections is low, volunteers play a vital role in introducing voters to the candidates and informing them about election dates.

Thousands of Flippable members have signed up to volunteer with our priority candidates—whether in their own communities or thousands of miles away. You can join the movement by clicking on a state below.

Sign up with Mobilize America

We’ve partnered with Mobilize America to help flip Virginia blue. They’re looking for volunteers to make calls and canvass.

Learn more about Virginia

Sign up with the Manka Dhingra campaign

Manka Dhingra is running for State Senate in Washington. There are a variety of ways to help, from putting a sign on your lawn to hosting a fundraising event.

Learn more about Washington