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The lines have been drawn in Virginia. After gerrymandering voting maps in 2011, the GOP has spent years entrenching its power while undermining the will of the people. This November is our best—and last—chance to build a pro-democracy majority in the General Assembly before redistricting in 2021.

How We Got Here


After receiving census data, the split Virginia General Assembly draws new legislative and congressional maps. The House of Delegates map packs black voters into 12 majority-black districts, and the congressional map packs black voters into Congressional District 3.


The General Assembly, flipped by the GOP in November 2011, passes a strict voter ID law. The law—along with early registration deadlines and the absence of in-person early voting—will make Virginia the second-hardest state to vote in.


A panel of federal judges declares Virginia’s congressional map unconstitutional due to racial gerrymandering. The Virginia GOP appeals the ruling to the Supreme Court.


A court-appointed expert draws a new congressional map.


The federal court approves the new map—and the Supreme Court rejects the Virginia GOP’s appeal.


Democrats break the GOP’s supermajority in the House of Delegates by flipping 15 seats, with 5 seats going to Flippable alums. The GOP’s majority shrinks from 66-34 to 51-49.


A federal court rules that 11 House of Delegates districts are racially gerrymandered. The court orders a new map. The Virginia GOP appeals the case, and the Supreme Court agrees to hear it in 2019.


A federal court approves the new House map drawn by a court-appointed expert and orders its adoption before the November election. Six GOP-held seats will become competitive under the new map.

Meet Our Candidates

Passionate progressive leaders are the key to building a pro-democracy majority in the Virginia General Assembly. We’re excited to endorse these candidates—and many more in the coming weeks—as they run to flip Virginia blue!

Delegate Dawn Adams | Running for re-election in HD 68

“Gerrymandering manipulates the narrative legislatively, for political purposes, unrelated to good policy and ultimately results in bad government.”

Delegate Wendy Gooditis | Running for re-election in HD 10

“I saw our district lines get changed in front of us for the sole purpose of political power. Voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around.”