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Seat flipped!

Zack Stephenson defeated Republican Bill Maresh.


Zack Stephenson

State House District 36A (Minneapolis Metro)

Accountability Advocate

Battling the naysayers of climate change and gun reform

Key Issue Stances

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"I believe that our shared commitment to superior public education is what has made Minnesota the special place it is. To build a Minnesota where everyone has an opportunity for success, we need to restore our world class education system."

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"I am committed to protecting our clean air and water. I also believe we must act aggressively to combat climate change."

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Gun Control

"The need for common sense gun law reform is obvious. I support universal background checks and a red flag law in Minnesota."

Meet Zack

Can you describe your background?

I am a prosecutor, father of two, and lifelong resident of the northern suburbs of Minneapolis. I grew up in Coon Rapids, graduated from Coon Rapids High School, earned a degree in Public Policy Analysis from Knox College, and a law degree from the University of Chicago School of Law. I now work as an Assistant Hennepin County Attorney, where I handle criminal cases. I live in Coon Rapids with my wife and two daughters.

What made you want to run for office?

I am the father of two young girls and am really worried about the world that they are growing up in. I want it to be a place where every kid has an opportunity for success. To get there, we need to have more accountability and common sense in our government.

Can you describe your district?

36A is a suburban district in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, constituted of the entirety of the city of Champlin and a portion of the city of Coon Rapids. It combines working and middle class neighborhoods. Politically, it is evenly divided. Donald Trump won the district by 3 points, but our Democratic State Senator carried the district and this house district was represented by a Democrat as recently as 2012.

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