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Seat flipped!

Steve Sandell defeated incumbent Republican Kelly Fenton.


Steve Sandell

State House District 53B (Minneapolis Metro)

Civic Responsibility Campaigner

Grounding Minnesota in its commitment to productive relationships between diverse cities and suburbs

Key Issue Stances

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"Every student should be able to attend a school that is safe, nurturing and stimulating, where he or she can learn the habits of respect, cooperation, and academic success."

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"Healthcare should be a human right. Our state and national governments should work aggressively with private enterprise to ensure affordable and accessible healthcare for all, emphasizing preventative and early intervention practices, and an efficient delivery system."

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"It is our personal, civic, and political responsibility to protect our natural and wild areas, our population centers, as well as our home and work environments."

Meet Steve

Can you describe your background?

I grew up in Minneapolis on the public playgrounds of public schools. After my studies at Brown, I began teaching in St. Paul, then taught in Sweden for two years, and returned to Minnesota before getting a fellowship at Stanford to study education and public policy. I was the head of education at the Minnesota Historical Society, director of a museum of government and politics at the University of Minnesota, then taught history at an independent school. In 2015 I decided to retire but that did not last long.

What made you want to run for office?

I believe our state government needs the energy of cooperation, respectful debate, and resolve to work with the future in mind. This includes the vitality of small towns and rural areas; the diversity, strength, and health of our cities and suburbs; our fragile ecology; and our place in the global market of ideas and enterprise. This effort has been missing due to divisiveness, rancor, and political petulance in our state government. I believe I can make a difference.

Can you describe your district?

53B represents 80% of Woodbury, an affluent and well-educated suburban population. It is 80% caucasian but with a growing and diverse population, many with international connections. It has voted with the GOP majority in the last three elections, though Hillary Clinton won the district in 2016.

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