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Seat flipped!

Ruth Richardson defeated incumbent Republican Regina Barr by a margin of 54% to 46%.


Ruth Richardson

State House District 52B (Minneapolis Metro)

Public Service Professional

Advancing bipartisan, common sense legislation to create a safe learning environment for children

Key Issue Stances

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"Healthcare is a human right. Everyone deserves access to quality and affordable healthcare, not just people who are lucky enough to have an employer that provides quality benefits."

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Gun Control

"I support common sense gun reform, including things like universal background checks that are supported by the vast majorities of Americans including gun owners."

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"Access to a quality education sets the foundation for our children's future. Minnesota's schools, staff, programming, and supportive services need to be fully funded to ensure our students are healthy and able to learn."

Meet Ruth

Can you describe your background?

I am a lifelong resident of Minnesota, graduate of the University of Minnesota and William Mitchell College of Law, mother, and a candidate for State Representative in District 52B. Being raised in a large family of 4 brothers and 3 sisters instilled a strong work ethic and generosity of spirit within me. I have worked in senior leadership positions in the private, non-profit, and the governmental sector. I have also helped to advance bipartisan legislation to support veterans, the homeless, foster children (as well as being a foster parent), school paraprofessionals, people with substance use disorders, and social workers.

What made you want to run for office?

I am running because I care about my community and I have a heart for public service. My run is an extension of work that I have been doing for well over a decade to help build a stronger Minnesota. I bring a unique perspective as a demonstrated professional problem solver that is ready to work hard as a state representative.

Can you describe your district?

District 52B is made up of Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, Sunfish Lake, and Northern Eagan. The estimated population is just over 39,000 and in 2016 Clinton carried the district 49.5% to Trump's 42.1%. The seat has historically been Democratic and flipped in 2016 by less than 1% by 121 votes. There are extreme wealth divides apparent in the district, with Inver Grove worried about the ability of the city to attract and retain businesses, and other issues including healthcare, veteran issues, gun reform, and school safety.

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