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Seat flipped!

Rosemary Bayer defeated Republican Michael McCready by a margin of 49.4% to 48.6%.


Rosemary Bayer

State Senate District 12 (Detroit Metro)

Women’s Rights Innovator

Using her legacy in tech and business management to open more doors for diverse populations

Key Issue Stances

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"Everyone in this country has a right to high quality and equitable access to free public education. We need to develop a system of lifetime learning opportunities for those who later wish to develop new skills."

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Women's Rights

"I support equal pay for equal work and I will fight to have that codified into law in Michigan. I stand with Planned Parenthood as a provider of education and birth control along with abortion and other critical health services and counseling for women."

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"Everyone's vote should count. We need a fair, non-political process for defining our voting boundaries. Voters should select their politicians, not allow politicians to choose their voters."

Meet Rosemary

Can you describe your background?

I am an avid practitioner of agile organization management and am known for bringing energy, motivation, creative leadership, and accomplishment to every endeavour I undertake. I am the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of ardentCause L3C, a database technology company, where I motivate the internal team as well as external collaborators to use technology innovation to move forward together. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Math from Central Michigan University and an MBA with Distinction from Lawrence Technological University. I have received a number of awards including being named one of the Top Michigan Women in Computing and an Outstanding Alumna Award from Lawrence Technological University.

What made you want to run for office?

The growing income inequality gap, the increasing racial tensions, and the reductions in rights and support for working families caused me to become more politically active in recent years. I felt both despair and fury at the result of the 2016 presidential election, and became active in resistance groups- first one I started myself, Indivisible, and Voters not Politicians. I came to realize that I have the skills, experience, and passion to do more- to take a full time role in changing how governmental decisions are made so that I can bring my values to our government. I will fight to fix what is broken here in education, environment, infrastructure, and healthcare and work to create equitable opportunity for everyone here.

Can you describe your district?

Senate District 12 is a geographically large, socio-economically and racially diverse, partisan gerrymandered district. The north is traditionally strongly Republican and primarily rural. The central districts are primarily Democratic, with large African American and Latino populations. The south has high income and education levels and all but 2 precincts went for Hillary.

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