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Seat flipped!

Maria Collett defeated Republican Stewart Greenleaf Jr.


Maria Collett

State Senate District 12 (Philadelphia area)

Amplifier of Local Voices

Affording students the tools they need to be economically competitive

Key Issue Stances

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"It is important that we have transparency and accountability in State Government, especially surrounding fiscal decision-making and prioritizing."

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"We need to ensure that Pennsylvanians have access to affordable, quality healthcare, including an emphasis on the fight to end opioid misuse and addiction."

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"Pennsylvania needs to work to ensure that public education institutions have the funding they need to create children who are competitive and prepared for college, trades, and careers that will ensure successful, productive lives."

Meet Maria

Can you describe your background?

A lifelong advocate for those in need, I worked as an attorney fighting for the needs of children victimized by abuse and neglect before transitioning to a career in nursing. Working in the areas of pediatric home health, trauma, and long term care, I have provided comfort and been the voice for people in their most vulnerable moments. As Senator for the 12th District of Pennsylvania, I will continue to dedicate myself to listening to the needs of the community and bringing fresh ideas to Harrisburg where smart decisions and thoughtful discourse can lead Pennsylvania to the forefront of progressive change.

What made you want to run for office?

For too long, it has been business as usual in Harrisburg where there has been a lack of transparency and an unwillingness for our lawmakers to act in the interests of constituents instead of in the interests of keeping their jobs. Because gerrymandering has crippled the ability of the people to have their voices heard through our democratic process it has never been more important to elect people to our State Senate who will represent the voices of all Pennsylvanians; someone who will act only in the best interests of this district and its bright future.

Can you describe your district?

The 12th District covers much of Montgomery and part of Bucks counties in Pennsylvania. This district voted twice in support of President Obama, for Hillary Clinton, four our Democratic Governor and our Democratic US Senator. The voters in this district have been represented at the Senate level by a 40 year incumbent who was first elected to office in 1978 when the average cost of a dozen eggs was 48 cents and the average cost of a new home was around $55,000. So much has changed since then in our country and our economy and our current Senator has not changed with the times.

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