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Our Targets

Flip Virginia
All Politics is Local
Brush up on the states we’re watching in 2019-20

The people we elect to state House and Senate wield tremendous political power. From drawing district lines to deciding who gets access to healthcare, state representatives have the power to make—or break—our democracy. Explore our interactive map below to learn what we’re fighting for, state by state.

Which states have the highest stakes in these issues?

Flippable Target State
Virginia banner

2019 is our last chance to flip for better in Virginia

Learn Why

Why Focus on the States?

States write the rules of national elections

States control voting methods and draw congressional maps. When the GOP suppresses votes, Dems lose.

States pass policies that affect our lives

From healthcare to gun control, the laws that impact our lives the most are often passed by the states.

States build a progressive bench

Serving at the state level gets future Democratic leaders (like Barack Obama) ready to run for national office.

States are the best value for your time and money

Compared to national races, state races are cheap. Grassroots donations can make the difference in state elections.

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