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State of the States

Today, the Republicans have 26 trifectas (states where they control all 3 positions of government: State House, State Senate, & governorship). Democrats? We only have 8. The GOP has unchecked power in over half the country! We've created an interactive map to track the trifectas and flippable states.


  • Democratic Trifecta
  • Republican Trifecta
  • Split Government
The GOP used state-level power to change the game in our country.

Things weren’t always this bad. Republicans invested much more in state politics after 2008 than Democrats did—and it worked. Over a dozen states flipped red, and GOP leaders used voter suppression and unfair voting maps to keep themselves in charge. Now we’re seeing a wave of harmful laws in those red trifecta states.

Right now is our chance to flip states and fight back.

We can beat the Republicans at their own game by flipping states blue across the country. Our community has already powered big wins in Virginia, Washington, and Florida—and we’re just getting started. The next round of redistricting starts in 2021, giving us 3 years to win states & restore our country’s democracy. It’s time to flip to good government, from the ground level up!