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Since our launch in 2016, we’ve helped elect 82 Democrats in game-changing state races. We didn’t do it alone: over 100K people got involved by volunteering, spreading the word, and joining forces to donate over $3M. Together, we’re making progressive change a reality!



Candidates elected with Flippable's support


State chambers flipped with Flippable's support


Raised for candidates

2018 Highlights

We flipped Colorado blue

We supported three candidates for the Colorado State Senate in 2018, all of whom won their districts. Together, they flipped the entire Senate blue—which will allow Democrats to pass critical legislation in Colorado without gridlock.

We protected democracy in North Carolina

We supported candidates running for State House in North Carolina, where veto-proof Republican supermajorities had led to anti-democratic legislation, from voter ID laws to gerrymandering.

2017 Victories

We tipped the balance in Washington

We supported Manka Dhingra for the Washington Senate in 2017—and her win flipped the entire state blue! Now, Washington is passing crucial policies like automatic voter registration & mandated birth control coverage.

We’re flipping the script in Virginia

In 2017, our community powered historic flips in the Virginia House of Delegates. Our candidates then successfully fought to extend healthcare coverage to 400,000 Virginians—and we’re in a strong position to take the majority next November.

We built a progressive bench

We worked with a dozen candidates across four states, investing in progressive leaders who will transform their states—and may run for higher office. Together, we’re building the future of our movement.