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You can find out the basics of what we do in the Our Plan section of our website! But we’ve also answered some questions we often get from our community below.

Strategy and Mission

What is Flippable?
What problem are you setting out to solve?
What distinguishes Flippable from other progressive organizations?
Do you work with other “resistance” organizations?
Now that you’re a member of the Swing Left family, what does that mean for your work in the states?
What are the biggest challenges you face as an organization?
What is Flippable’s relationship with the DNC?
What was your strategy in the 2018 midterms?
Are you only focused on races that are already likely to flip? Is that impactful?
How do you hold candidates accountable to your pro-democracy agenda?
Don't Democrats gerrymander just like Republicans? How can you be truly democratic as a partisan organization?


Why isn’t Flippable focused on a race in my state/district? Do you think it’s not important?
Does Flippable work on other state-level races, or local office?
Do you engage in primaries?


What’s the most useful way for me to volunteer my time?
Do you have local chapters?


Can I make a contribution by check?


Shoot us an email at and a member of our team will be in touch.