Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Principles

There are many reasons to believe in flipping state legislatures from red to blue. Each of our team members has their own story to tell, their own vision of a progressive America. As an organization, we’re committed to electing Democrats to state office in order to reverse the GOP’s discriminatory policies, which have had a disproportionate impact on people of color (in particular, black and brown communities), LGBTQ+ people, and women.

Political participation is promised to all by our Constitution—but, in practice, it’s still a privilege, accessible only to some. Many structural inequalities restrict access to political information and political voice. As part of a movement that seeks to expand our democracy and combat discrimination, we’re conscious of the need for our team to be inclusive, equitable, and representative of our country’s diversity. 

focus areas

  • Race/ethnicity. We strive to build a team that is racially representative of our country’s population. We work to provide an environment that is safe, equitable, supportive, and free of harassment or discrimination.

  • Gender. We seek equal gender representation at all levels of the organization, especially in leadership roles. We work to provide an environment that is supportive, safe, respectful, and free of harassment.

  • Sexual orientation. We strive to recruit LGBTQ+ team members. We work to provide an environment that is safe, equitable, welcoming, and free of harassment.

  • Socioeconomic status. We seek team members from all levels of the socioeconomic spectrum. We do not screen applications based on education level or the perceived institutional prestige of colleges and secondary schools.

  • Disability. We ensure a welcoming, equitable workplace environment that accommodates people of all physical abilities. We strive to recruit team members with disabilities.

  • Age. We value the insight and experience of team members without respect to age. We do not consider late career changes or significant time out of the work force, for any reason, to be limiting factors in an applicant's ability to succeed, whether for a managerial or entry-level position.

  • Parents and families. We welcome and support team members with family caretaking responsibilities. We offer flexible work arrangements to accommodate childcare, elder care, or other family member care. We offer 8 weeks of paid leave to new parents. 

  • Military service. We seek to recruit veterans and members of Reserve components. We accommodate team members who require time off for reserve duty. We provide training to enable returning service members to update or advance their skills, and we guarantee health insurance protection for mental and physical conditions.

  • Hometown of origin. We value the perspectives of team members who grew up in all parts of the United States, whether rural, urban, or suburban. Our political mission touches all corners of the country—and we seek to employ a team that is representative of the country’s regional diversity. We also invite immigrants and team members who grew up outside of the United States to join us and contribute to our cause.

  • Immigration. We welcome team members who were not born in the United States. We work to provide an environment that is safe, respectful, equitable, and free of harassment.


  • Recruitment. We work with partners to recruit from diverse networks. We do not use criteria such as educational background to screen out applicants. We do not begin interviewing applicants until we have built a diverse applicant pool.

  • Hiring:

    • Job descriptions: Internally, we circulate job descriptions among several staff members to ensure they are written in a way that invites all qualified candidates to apply.

    • Resume screening: We work with a vendor to anonymize resumes.

    • Compensation: We set compensation based on a set of external benchmarks and do not consider an applicant’s previous salary. We do not negotiate salaries, because we know that negotiation processes tend to favor white men.

    • Assignments: Some roles require written assignments/tests. We assess these anonymously.

    • Interview processes: Multiple team members interview applicants. We standardize our interview questions.

  • Vendor selection: We proactively seek out vendors and contractors from protected classes. We determine a fair market rate for their services using external benchmarking.

  • Media and communications. We seek to build relationships with media outlets representing a diverse cross-section of Americans.

  • Product development. We seek feedback from users and potential users who are representative of our national population. Going forward, we will seek additional input from groups that experience discrimination and that are disproportionately affected by the policies of the right.

  • Advisors and donors. We are in the process of building an advisory board and will be prioritizing bringing on a diverse cross-section of advisors.